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Corporate events are important. Not only are they a chance for team members to get together (either physically or online), but they’re also one of the basic building blocks of company culture.

As companies roll out their back-to-office strategies, corporate event planners are primed and ready to plan corporate events for the ages. But you need impactful and exciting speakers, an impressive agenda, and unforgettable entertainment.

I remember when I was a small kid when I went to my maternal uncle’s wedding; it was all fun and so much dancing. His friends were dancing all time during marriage ceremonies. I was around 12 years old at that time and I remember how all marriage ceremonies were being performed by my maternal uncle. All family and friends were there and it was a bit crowdy too and during Haldi ceremony next day, all were applying Haldi on my maternal uncle’s face, and on legs and hands. I also applied but it was a bit boring. The ceremonies were totally traditional and customary.